Will PBN Web Hosting for SEO Still Work in 2021?

Every year for the last decade and a half, many inexperienced and beginning digital marketers often ask this question.

Do private blog networks still work?

I could answer, yes they do, but that wouldn’t really solve the question issue but rather raise more questions about PBNs if they work, and how they work, what’s the use, what are the best practices and what to avoid.

So the best answer would be, that PBNs work if you build them and use them right. No more spamming like in the early 2000s, when anyone could get away with thousands of links from one website.

The rules have changed quite a bit since then and if you want to be effective at your SEO, you must follow certain rules and principles. The first and most important thing to remember is that your PBNs must look like a real website or blog with a good and healthy linking profile, and relevant links with anchor text.

Another critical rule is that you must host each blog on a new different web hosting with a different IP address. This is important and cost and time dependant, because if you want to build 10 PBNs, you must purchase 10 web hosting account at the different providers so you achieve the diversity of IPs and minimize other footprints that could possibly cause the penalty.

So imagine to have and manage 100 PBNs with 100 different web hosting accounts, I think everyone must agree that there must be some kind of organizing structure behind it.

One of the great solutions, that could be sometimes dangerous for your website because of its nature, is SEO web hosting or PBN web hosting. You get various advantages with such a service.

You save money and time.

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